Candidates sought

In order to consolidate our team, we regularly seek candidates holding the CAPA (Certificat d’Aptitude à la Professional d’Avocat – Certificate of Aptitude for the Legal Profession) or in the course of obtaining it, or else having several years’ experience and able to show professionalism, autonomy, willingness to work as a team and an aptitude for synthesis and rigour.

Of course, if you hold a foreign degree equivalent to the CAPA, or you have done a double degree (graduate level legal or tax studies and a diploma from a business school, management school or French or foreign university), your candidacy also interests us.

Finally, to assist our teams of lawyers, we are also hiring paralegals and support staff for our departments, such as secretarial, accounting, human resources, marketing and communications, with a strong sense of client service (both internal and external).

Integration with our teams

Whether it is for an internship or a permanent position, you will be directly integrated into our teams, and you will work on varied matters, often complex and frequently with an international dimension.

Our firm is on a human scale and has a dynamic and proactive structure that will permit you rapidly to come in contact with our clients.

Moreover, you will be able to develop and deepen your knowledge thanks to contact with our internal teams and thanks to the work you perform.

Does our adventure appeal to you? Do not hesitate to fill out our application form.