Solutions for executives

Our large multidisciplinary teams guarantee you both strong technical skills and continuous creativity, whatever your situation or your project.

Entrepreneurs and executives, AXTEN places the expertise of its partners and associates at your disposal, and shares with you the experience that it has gained from your peer companies as it advises you on the pragmatic questions relating to your projects, the creation of your corporate structure, your company organisation, the protection of your interests and your ideas, the preparation of your first contracts, capital raising, etc.

Following is a non-exhaustive list of the services that we offer:

  • Representation relating to your status as an executive (appointment, removal, responsibilities, delegation of authority, international mobility, etc.)
  • Choice of a legal structure for your business, assistance in its formation (in conjunction with the mechanism for aid in creating a business), and legal advice over the course of its existence
  • Assessment of your management packages (free stock grants, stock options, founder warrants, incentives and profit sharing)
  • Assistance and representation in individual and collective labour relations
  • Protecting, managing and increasing the value of your intangible assets in France and internationally and assistance in drafting licensing agreements and assignments of intellectual property rights, R&D and transfer of know-how
  • Assistance and representation in managing your commercial, labour, banking, and tax disputes, among others
  • Assistance with tax incentives for innovation (Young Innovative Firm, Research Tax Credit)
  • Assistance with your filings and in optimising your revenues and your personal, professional and estate taxation
  • Representation in the context of expatriation or secondment

The transfer of a business is a complex process for an entrepreneur who has not already gone through this experience. The assistance of specialized corporate attorneys is of primary importance. Therefore, it is necessary to plan in advance for the transfer of assets, powers and responsibilities. Our concern is to organize this transfer in the most harmonious way possible in order to ensure business continuity, while confronting and limiting conflicts.

Following are the various issues managed by our team, in conjunction, where necessary, with your certified accountant or financial adviser:

  • Assistance in creating an inventory of assets and reaching a valuation of the business
  • Analysis of various possible frameworks for transfer
  • Preparation of successions and donations, division of property
  • Asset reorganisation
  • Advice as to the risks linked to transfers of residence and restructuring assets
  • Protection of your intellectual property rights

Our team also acts on your behalf as guarantors of your businesses. In that regard, we advise you on the strategy to adopt personally and with respect to structuring your debt, and we provide assistance in negotiations with your creditors, in particular with banking and financial institutions.

Finally, we also assist you in the context of liability actions brought against you either for civil torts (management misdeeds) or for penal infractions.

Our team will defend you against personal civil or penal liability (violations of labour laws or corporate and securities laws, enforcement of guarantees) or with respect to your management duties (disputes between shareholders, performance of shareholder agreements, etc.).

We also help you with your real estate and banking litigation and with the implementation of your insurance policy, and we defend and protect your personal investments (failure of tax avoidance transactions, etc.).

We are a daily partner helping to solve your problems and thus permit you to devote your available time to the growth of your business or your professional activity.