Labour & International Mobility

AXTEN’s “Labour and International Mobility” team provides advice to companies, their executives and their employees in their conduct of HR, with respect to labour law and social security law, and more specifically:

Individual labour relations

  • Assistance with hiring and termination of employment agreements, as well as their modification
  • Advice in international mobility: optimisation with respect to social security law, preparation of contractual frameworks.
  • Shareholding and optimisation of compensation (in coordination with the Corporate and Financing and Taxation team)

Collective labour relations

  • Negotiation and drafting of company agreements (adjustment of working hours, compensation plans, social protection, strategic workforce planning, etc.)
  • Assistance in negotiations with personnel representatives
  • Setting up and organisation of representative bodies
  • Conflict prevention and management

Business reorganisations

  • Labour law due diligence for acquisitions and compliance
  • Labour law advice for transactions such as sales, spin-offs, mergers, business transfers, changes of control, etc.
  • Preparation of employment preservation plans and advice to management as to the running of projects and management of procedures

Risk Management

  • Health and Safety
  • Management of work-related accidents

Social Security law

  • Compliance audits
  • Assistance during URSSAF audits

Dispute management

  • Labour law and social security litigation
  • Negotiations and settlements