Insolvency, bankruptcy

Our team dedicated to companies in financial difficulty works both for companies and their executives facing economic, legal or financial difficulties and for their creditors or buyers.

In terms of prevention

  • Representation in ad hoc mandate procedures or friendly settlement of difficulties
  • Negotiations of agreements with the company’s creditors
  • Implementation of refinancing solutions

In terms of judicial resolution

  • Assistance in the context of opening, carrying out, and terminating court procedures for safeguard, recovery and winding up
  • Advice on the declaration of insolvency
  • Defence in the event officer and director liability

In terms of company purchases

  • Assistance to the potential buyer in determining the perimeter of its offer
  • Preparation, drafting and presentation of the offer
  • Defence of the offer before the competent court in the presence of the procedural bodies
  • Implementation of the sale plan