Corporate Litigation

Our “Corporate Litigation, Mediation and Arbitration” team can advise you with your response from the initial phase of consultation, planning and preparation of litigation strategy through the end of proceedings and the enforcement of decisions, in all areas of business law. We have expertise in alternative dispute resolution (such as mediation and arbitration) and will be able to assist you in choosing the best suited procedure, providing the best chance of success with an optimised cost/benefit ratio.

At each stage of your litigation, you can count on our professionals, who, in addition to their legal expertise, will monitor the litigation in close collaboration with your teams.

Pre-litigation phase

  • Determination of the strength of the legal position being defended
  • Assistance and/or representation in all phases of negotiation
  • Drafting and monitoring of agreements

Trial phase

  • Prior analysis of the opposing party’s financial strength
  • Analysis of the possibility of implementing emergency proceedings (interim proceedings, speedy proceedings, fixed-date proceedings, etc.) as well as any useful protective measures
  • Choice of judicial strategy
  • Rigorous monitoring of the proceedings and of the judicial calendar, in coordination with you

Monitoring of enforcement

  • Analysis of decisions obtained and possible appeals
  • Immediate enforcement of the decision, in coordination with our partner bailiffs