Contracts Competition Distribution

Our team specialising in economic law works with you throughout the structuring and development of your activity, by assisting you with all your legal questions regarding your competitors and in your commercial exchanges with your clients, suppliers and partners.

More specifically, we work in the following fields:

Distribution law and commercial agreements

  • Drafting your general purchasing and sales conditions and/or conditions of use of your products or services
  • Establishing your distribution networks: exclusive distribution, selective distribution, franchise, commercial agency, etc.
  • Directing and defending the integrity of your distribution networks, including in disputes
  • Defining your contract strategy: negotiation, drafting, signing, performance and breach of commercial agreements (procurement, supply, listing, trade cooperation, partnerships, etc.)
  • Management of trade practices: commercial negotiation between suppliers and distributors, invoicing, payment periods, etc.

Competition law and regulation

  • Analysis of the validity of your trade practices with regard to competition law
  • Assistance in the framework of investigative and penalty proceedings conducted by the competition authorities
  • Referral to competition authorities and commercial courts concerning anticompetitive practices by competitors and/or trading partners of which you are a victim
  • Establishment of a compliance programme
  • Prior notification of concentration transactions (merger, acquisition, creation of joint ventures, etc.) to competition authorities
  • Assistance in the area of unfair competition in order to quickly end action taken by your competitors.

Sales promotion and consumer protection law

Our team’s expertise can cover all your commercial operations:

  • Promotional operations: contests, lotteries, price reduction advertisements, sales with premiums, tied sales, discount sales, etc.
  • Advertising campaigns: misleading advertising, comparative advertising, etc.
  • Consumer information: price advertising, characteristics of goods and services, etc.
  • Marketing techniques: e-commerce, distance selling, door-to-door sales, telephone sales, etc.
  • Abusive clauses

In addition, our team assists you in the protection, use and defence of your intellectual property rights, as well as in setting up and managing your innovative and creative projects.

In this regard, we also assist you at the design stage of your projects and in the evaluation of promotional and contractual documents as well as in your relationships with the administration (DDPP (“Direction Départementale de Protection des Populations” – Departmental Directorate for Population Protection), DIRECTTE (“Direction Régionale des Entreprises, de la Concurrence et de la Consommation, du Travail et de l’Emploi” – Regional Directorate for Companies, Competition and Consumer Protection, Labour and Employment), etc.).