Focus on our China support structure

With more than ten years’ experience in China, the AXTEN team is able to meet your daily investment and growth challenges in China and more generally in Asia, owing to:

  • a team in France, coordinated by François Perruchot-Triboulet, which provides an initial insight to entrepreneurs and companies wishing to operate in China or in South-East Asia,
  • a team in China which works closely together with us, led by Philippe Snel, a Partner in DE WOLF Law Firm and also Off Counsel in AXTEN, and composed of lawyers and legal expert graduates in Chinese law and from the best French universities,
  • a network of partners covering the entire Chinese territory (Beijing, Shenzhen, Canton, Hong Kong, etc.).

In this regard we also assist entrepreneurs and companies wishing to set up in Asia or to develop their business.

For example, a project can be structured in the following manner:

  • Phase 1: Preparation and assessment
    • Cultural approach regarding business practices in the country in question
    • Regulatory and tax analysis
    • Presentation of possible partners
    • Investigations and audits
  • Phase 2: Setting up a company/facility
    • Preparing and signing a Letter of Intent
    • Drawing up project documents
    • Negotiations and finalisation
  • Phase 3: Follow-up
    • Implementing legal structures for operations and contracts
    • Drawing up corresponding contracts